Argentinian Cuts of Beef

Argentinian beef butchery is quite a complicated matter. The flavourful cuts are the ones with “marbling” in them, where fat exists in the flesh of the cut which melts producing a succulent flavour.

This isn’t true of all cuts however, for example loin or “lomo” although of excellent quality and very tender, needs a bit of a kick in the flavour department.

The cuts of beef are not that dissimilar to US and UK cuts, but they are not the same in some cases. Therefore the UK and US translations are as close as they can be so that readers get a good idea of Argentinian butchery.

Readers may see that previously when we discussed “Asado” it was a name given to an Argentinian barbecue or cook out. It is also a name given to the cut of beef which goes on the hot coals of the BBQ asado, shorter or sometimes whole longer rib cuts are used which is the traditional manner of an asado.

The choice cuts that may be more known to non-Argentinians are of course sirloin, entrecote, rib eye, t-bone and fillet steak. The roasting pieces are fore rib/topside/silverside. As you will see in the section on cuts of meat, these are all present with some differences in the way some parts are butchered.

The cut “Aguja” is composed of two cuts, “Comun” (normal) and “Especial” (special). The Especial is the foremost cut from the top of the fore rib and a succulent roasting piece. The “Comun” is the next cut forward towards the head and sometimes referred to as “Cogote”. This cut roasts well, but is more suited to pot roast and dishes requiring a longer cooking time.

Below please find list to help you distinguish the differences:

Spanish US UK
Azotillo Subcut Neck End
Cogote Top neck cut Neck End
Aguja Chuck Roast Beef
Matambre Flank Brisket
Asado Ribs Ribs
Bifes de chorizo T Bone T Bone
Vacio Skirt Skirt
Falda tapa asado Skirt Skirt
Entraña Diaphragm Diaphragm
Lomo Tenderloin Fillet
Nalga Outside round Rump
Peceto Eye of round Middle rump
Bola de lomo Shin beef Shin beef
Cuadril Rump roast Sirloin
Colita de cuadril Tail of rump Sirloin
Ossobuso Shin shank Ossobucco
Paleta Silverside Silverside
Tapada Paleta Shoulder Topside
Palomita Blade Blade
Carzaza Stew beef Stew beef

Argentinians use a variety of sauces with their asados. Chimichurri is the most popular by far.

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